Shortly you will find a breakdown of the core processes plus the “extra mile” professionals in project management must think about to deliver sustainable project management. In order to pace down the road less travelled, one must embrace all the elements, you’ll see.

Discover how AI is revolutionizing project management with insights from Professor Paul Boudreau’s presentation at the 19th Project Management Conference in Athens. Uncover the power of AI’s mathematical logic in predicting project success, optimizing decision-making, and debunking common myths. Dive into real-world applications and learn the essential skills project managers need to thrive in an AI-driven landscape. Join us in exploring the transformative potential of AI and prepare to lead your projects into a data-driven future.

Explore how AI is transforming project management at the 19th Project Management Conference in Greece. Industry leaders Dimitris Dimitriadis and Dimosthenis Spyridis delve into the future of AI-driven project management, highlighting innovative strategies, adaptive methodologies, and the symbiotic relationship between human intelligence and AI. Discover practical insights, ethical considerations, and the latest advancements in AI technology that are set to revolutionize the field.

In the dynamic world of project management, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, promising to enhance efficiency, accuracy and overall project success. At the 19th Project Management conference in Greece, Dina Tasiou, Partner Success Manager at PMI, North America, delivered an insightful presentation titled “PMIxAI: Leading the Use of AI to Maximize Project Success.” Her speech offered insights into how PMI is spearheading the AI revolution in project management, equipping professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in an AI-driven landscape.

Discover how AI and data analytics are transforming project delivery across the UK in our latest article, ‘Project Delivery Reimagined.’ This insightful piece explores a groundbreaking framework developed in collaboration with the UK’s leading project authorities and PMI. Learn about the strategic themes poised to enhance project outcomes, from mastering data to fostering innovative partnerships. Whether you’re a project professional or simply interested in the power of data-driven decision-making, this article offers valuable perspectives on adopting advanced technologies in project management.

Explore how Toastmasters roles can enhance project management skills. This article highlights five key roles: Toastmaster of the Day, Evaluator, Table Topics Master, General Evaluator, and Grammarian. Each role offers unique benefits like improved leadership, time management, feedback delivery, critical thinking, spontaneity, creativity, holistic project oversight, quality control, attention to detail, and clear communication. Learn how these roles can refine your professional toolkit and boost your effectiveness as a project manager.

Explore the cutting-edge integration of AI and data analytics in government project delivery in our latest blog post. Featuring insights from the Project Data Analytics Task Force meetup, this article delves into the transformative strategies and challenges discussed by experts like James Garner, Andy Murray, and Karina Singh. Discover how AI can revolutionize public sector projects through improved governance, broad sector adoption, and enhanced data ecosystems.

In the ever-evolving field of project management, continuous learning and adaptation are not just advantageous—they are essential. Recognizing this imperative, the Project Management Institute UK (PMI UK) has been at the forefront of offering cutting-edge educational events designed to prepare the next generation of project managers for the complexities of the modern professional environment. Two standout examples of this commitment are the Project Management Day events held at the University of Sussex and the University of Bradford.

Neurodiversity is a strengths-based paradigm that uses positive psychology to highlight the natural diversity of thought, behaviour and academic/experiential learning within any group of people.

The seminar hosted by Lloyd Skinner, CEO of, delved into the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within project management, offering an exploration of how AI technologies can revolutionize the way projects are managed and executed. The session covered the transformative potential and benefits of AI applications in project management.

The Project Management Day, featuring 4 workshops, stood out as a beacon of knowledge, offering insights into the multifaceted world of project management, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in project management practices, and the essential skills required to excel in this field.

Adrian Nixon and Rob Whieldon of Nixene Publishing gave a fascinating presentation to the North Scotland Region of PMI UK. They moved from graphene, what it is and why it is important, through rockets and why they are rubbish, to The Space Elevator and why it is no longer just science fiction. Rob has spent many years supporting small businesses in…

by Sarah Green, Director of Pyramid Coaching & Consulting In today’s fast-paced business world, organisations are constantly searching for innovative ways to elevate their value and impact while maintaining a balanced workload for their employees. An often overlooked but potent strategy to achieve this is leveraging visibility. In a recent webi…

@Project Management UK Chapter Changemakers Toastmasters Club, is one of the fastest growing Clubs in all @Toastmasters International UK & Ireland, and is rapidly approaching its first year anniversary, going from zero to fully Chartered in just six weeks back in 2022! Today, it is celebrating having just achieved ‘President’s Distinguished’ St…

Are you ‘Tired of Teams?’, feeling ‘Zoomed out?’ or stuck on ‘Mute?’ Clearly, as project professionals, we’ve all had to contend with new ways of working over the last couple of years. None more so than remote working and the more permanent move to the virtual world of communication. It’s tough to master, energy draining and, increasingly, it’s fil…