PMI UK Webinar. Women’s Project Management Network: 5 Strategies to Grow YOUR Career. 11th July 2024

PMI UK Webinar. Women’s Project Management Network: 5 Strategies to Grow YOUR Career. 11th July 2024

In the next of our quarterly Women in Project Management webinars, we will focus on career building skills.  This interactive webinar will have speakers to present ideas and use polls and discussion to  assess and learn from each other how we are each creating a path forward for success.  Please register  today and and prepare your thoughts, ideas and experiences to help you  build your network and plan for what’s next.  We will cover the following topics:

  1. How successful people focus
  2. Why it is important to create a career trajectory
  3. What skills you should build for your next job or role
  4. How to negotiate for what you want
  5. Why you should have career earnings goals


Maria Ntomazi a seasoned Project Portfolio Manager with over 20 years in banking and finance. Formerly leading digital banking solutions at Eurobank, now manages diverse projects in the IT and natural cosmetics sectors, optimizing workflows and value delivery. Certified as an Investment and Insurance Advisor with recent credentials in Value Stream Management from PMI and the Value Stream Management Consortium. Currently participating in a postgraduate program from Caltech CTME on DevOps and preparing for PMP certification, she is passionate about leveraging technology to transform financial services and drive innovation. Maria works in Greece.


Liz Hector a Project and Program Manager for 35+ years.  Liz worked at PWC and IBM for 15 years, focusing on large IT implementations and innovation projects with clients such as ABN AMRO Bank and Shell. She also ran the Human Captial Practice and worked on the IBM/Apple collaboration.  Today, Liz’ focuses on her work with NGOs and her ProjectSkillsMentor YouTube channel.  She also mentors others as a way to engage and encourage others. Liz is also the Social Impact Lead for PMI UK, working on multi-chapter events.  She is excited to start her master’s program in digital marketing this summer.


Emma Simon is a Senior Technical Project Manager with 9 years of experience in Project and Quality management. She holds a Master’s in Engineering and PMP certification. Currently, she works as a Project Manager in the Semiconductor industry, specifically within the Automotive sector. She is dedicated to both professional and personal development. She enjoys meeting new people and hearing their perspectives.