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Practice Standards


PMI Standards

PMI standards answer questions such as: How does your organisation’s project management compare to good practice? And what steps might you take to improve? What are the key elements of Project Manager competency? What do you need to know to be a competent Project Manager or competent in another project management discipline? PMI’s global standards carry the collective knowledge of the profession, based on input from thousands of practitioners. These standards are widely accepted and, when consistently applied, they help you, your global peers and your organization achieve professional excellence. See the full suite of standards at

Organisations use standards such as the Project Manager Competency Development Framework, PM Career Path, Certification Exam Specifications which describe technical aspects of competency and the Organisational Project Management Maturity Model.

The PMI Registered Consultant Program (RCP) enables businesses and government agencies around the world to connect with consultants who are familiar with PMI standards and can help refine their project management implementations.

PMI publishes guides to Implementing Organizational Project Management, Navigating Complexity and Managing Change in Organizations.

Practice standards for practitioners provide guidelines, rules and characteristics for project, program and portfolio management. They include the Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge, The Program Management Standard, the Portfolio Management Standard with sector and subject matter extensions.

PMI’s standards, guides and some related documents are available free to members in PDF form. They’re available with a Member Discount at the PMI Bookstore and some can be purchased at commercial book seller web sites.


Specialised Project and Programme Expertise – PMI Consultant Registry

Locate a consultant who can objectively assess how your project management measures up to industry-recognized best practices. Find the right person or firm to help your organisation improve or fill in gaps.

PMI Registered Consultants are management consultants and business experts who operate in nearly every corner of the world. They are distinguished by specialized skill in guiding organizations to realize benefits and implement change through high performance in project, program and portfolio management. They have a deep understanding of PMI’s standards, frameworks and guidelines with practical experience of deploying in organisations large and small.

To locate a consultant, access the searchable PMI Consultant Registry database at Also access the free guide on How to Select a Project Management Consultancy.

If you are a project consultancy, you might benefit from a listing in the PMI Consultant Registry that drives customers directly to your firm via a website link, phone number and e-mail address. Apply via