Project Management Institute - UK branch is part of the global professional association for project programme or portfolio managers and PMO officers - The Project Management Institute. PMI membership is Global. It is administered centrally at the PMI web site.

PMI membership offers membership of the central organisation plus a choice of membership of local branches called "Chapters", membership of specific interest groups "SIGs" and membership of specific knowledge areas Colleges. Below we explain How to Join both PMI and the UK Chapter.

Apply on line with a credit card at the PMI web site. Click on "Join Now" to the left of the page. Then chose the appropriate type of membership. Choose Browse Communities and select Chapters then the UK Chapter then "Join" and "Add to cart" to join PMI UK. Choose the SIGs or Colleges relevant to your industry or interests. A complete list of these is available at the PMI web site under "Global Membership and Communities". Then click on "Checkout" and follow the process to pay.

If your organisation has a group of 15 or more individuals wishing to join, PMI offers a Group Billing Plan scheme. The purpose is to make the process of applying for membership and administration of memberships easier for you, there is no group discount. Contact us for more.

The Group Billing Plan scheme is flexible; existing PMI members can count towards the 15 minimum members and more staff can be added to the scheme during the year if you wish. Most organisations find that the Group Billing Plan is a great way to ensure a group of project managers all join the PMI at one time.