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Member Benefits

Members of the UK branch of PMI join a vibrant project management community and have access to stimulating events and meetings held throughout the United Kingdom. These help keep you current with PM knowledge and thinking, progress towards and maintain a professional qualification and to learn from other project managers.

Almost all PMI UK events are free to PMI UK members.

What other project managers say about being a member of a local PMI community or Chapter:

"Being a member of a PMI Chapter provides a great forum for networking with others that have the same or similar challenges in the profession of Project Management. Through networking and interaction with other members, it allows an individual the benefit of learning that their trials and tribulations are not necessarily unique.” Dale Wolaniuk

"Attending educational programs sponsored by the local chapter and volunteering to assist the local chapter provides me with a strong network of fellow project managers. These individuals mentor me and inspire me. My involvement in the chapter also provides me with opportunities to learn new skills in a safe environment. I attribute my current professional success including my recent promotion to the relationships and skills I gained through actively participating in my local chapter.” Kristine Munsen

"PMI component involvement provides a safe haven, unlike the work place, where you can reach out of your comfort zone without fear of failure and its repercussions. As a new member you soon realize that there is much more available than PDU's and superficial networking, but you have to open up in order to receive the many benefits.” Mike Vanhorn


Organisation Benefits

Organisations that employ project managers can benefit from reduced risk, global consistency, global standards and innovation from the Project Management Institute, an organisation that had 290,000 members in 160 countries in early 2009. The Project Management Institute is the global professional association for project programme or portfolio managers and PMO officers. PMI UK is the United Kingdom branch.

PMI UK Officers have much experience of leveraging the benefits of PMI for organisations with large groups of project managers, for example as part of a strategy to enhance project management competence. Contact the Director of Outreach at Contact us to arrange a discussion.

The worldwide standards available from the Project Management Institute include standards for best practice in project management, programme management, portfolio management and for organisational project management maturity assessment and development.

These support organisations to achieve consistency and excellence in project management practice, a standard project management terminology and economies of scale in the development of project management competence. The PMI local branch network offers a community of practice for those active in project management.

The Project Management Institute offers independent and unbiased benchmarks for the assessment of competence for projects staff, through the certifications: Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®), Project Management Professional (PMP®) and Program Management Professional (PgMP). Read more at the Professional Qualifications page.

Stay Informed!

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