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Complete List of Accredited Online MBA Programs

The site provides a comprehensive and informative resource that sorts out schools with accredited online MBA Programs. When it comes to online MBA programs (or any professional school, for that matter) accreditation is tremendously important. At the graduate or professional school level, there are two levels of accreditation that you must consider. First, the university should be accredited by a regional accrediting body. Second, the business school and the MBA program must have the stamp of approval from an accreditor of the Business Schools. Our resource will provide all these minute details that are often forgotten when looking for a program that fits student needs.



Bright Green - Agile Project Management

A simple agile project tool, founded on principles of Scrum and Lean Kanban. Bright Green gives project teams and their clients the freedom that comes from a transparent, well organized project.  Enter Discount Code "PMI" for an extended free trial. 


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