Project Management Institute Group Billing Scheme 

It is a simplified group invoice for an organisation to join staff as members, rather than each person joining individually. If you have a team of Project Managers, it:

  • Is Convenient: receive a single invoice for all staff who join rather than each person making an individual payment
  • Brings Visibility: You will know who has joined and is a member of PMI
  • Brings budget Clarity as the invoice could be paid from one cost centre rather than each individual’s cost centre
  • Saves Money as the member admin charge is waived.

Corporate Membership of PMI

PMI is an individual member organisation and the Group Billing Scheme enables you to ensure all appropriate staff are PMI members. It is a company application for staff membership of PMI.
It is flexible, once initiated you can add, renew or remove members at any time. 
Organizations can begin participating at any time throughout the year.

Requirements to initiate a Group Billing Scheme

Group Billing is open for 15 or more employees, who will join PMI and their local Chapter. 
Staff who are already PMI members may be included in the total. 
Student memberships do not qualify for the group billing plan.

How it works

  1. Contact PMI UK and we will email you a simple sheet to provide your member data.
  2. Designate your organization's main contact to complete the group billing application, receive invoices and serve as your liaison with PMI.
  3. Complete the data for each current and new member and advise us how you want to be invoiced.
  4. Email the data to PMI UK, we will answer any queries and pass to PMI Membership Administration for processing.
  5. We will email you a membership invoice; payment can be by credit card or bank transfer.
  6. Once payment is received we will send each member a confirmation of membership via e-mail, and membership materials via postal mail.

Does your organisation already use the group billing plan?

Once your plan is initiated, you can add or remove members at any time. We will provide a simple data sheet to your main contact.

If your company paid membership and it has lapsed, please contact PMI UK.

Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable, even if a member leaves your organization before the full duration of the membership.

It’s time to Renew: Renewal and Company Paid Membership Lapsed

Approximately four months before any of the memberships expire, we will send your main contact a renewal invoice. If you do not pay for renewals through the group billing plan, employees will receive up to three individual renewal notices.


To find out more about this plan, contact PMI UK.