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PMI Glasgow Event

The Manager’s Guide to becoming an Inspiring, Influential, Highly Effective Leader 

19th June 2019 at 5.15 pm

Clydesdale Bank, Granite House, 31-33 Stockwell Street, Glasgow, G1 4RZ


Main Speaker: Michael Anderson

As we continue to pickup the pace of events this year in Glasgow I am very pleased to introduce an event that has been a couple of years in the making. Michael presented to a Digital Leaders conference in Edinburgh in 2017 and I tried at that point to get him to come and join PMI in Scotland but he was travelling back to the US and could not make it fit. Thankfully now he is based in the UK and got back in touch to come and support PMI by doing a Glasgow and Aberdeen double-header.

Michael is an excellent speaker who has a worldwide reputation. Michael brings not just the ability to educate but more importantly he really brings inspiration and motivation to take you back to your lives and careers thinking a little bit differently. As a best-selling business leadership author, former radio show host, and contributor of, he's spreading his message of positive leadership all over the world.

It is crucial for project managers to lead their teams well, so by having a team that has a good internal work experience can be better placed to provide a good external experience.

Michael’s talk would be ideal for anyone who wants to develop their executive presence and be seen as a world-class leader. This means it is useful for those who want to learn how to manage stress and pressure, and have confidence, feel confident, and ultimately give confidence to investors, partners, and staff.

Michael’s personal journey from being a software developer to a leader has prepared him well to provide concrete advice about how important leadership is when it comes to project management, and how the skills technologists must learn and hone if they are to become great tech leaders.

Find out more about him here:

As is usual and tends to be an important part of the evening you will all be welcome to join us for some social networking in Rab Ha’s which is very close to Clydesdale in the Merchant City. Hope to see you on the evening - Ian Wotherspoon                  



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