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17th July 2019 at 12 pm



Webinar 17th June 2019

Main Speaker: Laurent Nicourt


New York may be The City that Never Sleeps but our Workplace has become The Place that Never Stays the Same.

Propelled by technologies, Change unfurls unwaveringly in all shapes and sizes, and project managers are tasked with steering it.

When project managers deliver outcomes, which improve and disrupt existing processes/tools/ways of working, they become Orchestra Conductors who need to gather, persuade and support classical music performers to play a brand-new contemporary piece of music, often with performers and instrument they never met before.

What do we know about how human beings cope with change?

How can a project manager use this knowledge to build a team around change, set meaningful values and reach the Tipping Point where change becomes the new reality?

This webinar will answer these questions while highlighting some pitfalls of “Risk management” and “Lessons learned”, and how these basic tools could be harnessed to deliver change.

Outline of subjects you will cover:

  • The Change Curve
  • KPIs and Stocktakes
  • Temporary Values
  • Reaching the Tipping Point
  • Change and Teambuilding
  • Change and Risk Management
  • From Lessons Identified to Lesson Learned

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