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The Lean ToolKit: Practical Practices for Continuous Improvement

11th July 2019 at 5.30 pm

West Bromwich Building Society, 2 Providence Place, West Bromwich, B70 8AF


Main Speaker: Jon Terry

By now many it's becoming common to hear people attach Lean to Agile when discussing modern approaches to management. But when describing Lean itself they often fall back to manufacturing examples that leave non-experts scratching their heads. How can ideas that were first developed for assembly lines apply to creative office work? Isn't that even kind of insulting? We're not cogs in a machine. Well, yes, Lean did evolve first in manufacturing. But, by now, its ideas have been applied successfully to many fields from IT to fashion to airlines and beyond. Understood and adapted thoughtfully they can work anywhere.

Come learn about a core set of Lean thinking tools and practices that you can take back and apply to your work and share with your customers right away. When paired with a good understanding of the underlying Lean principles they can transform an organization.

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