Board of Directors

Vacant President
Chris Field VP & Acting President
David Bewick Director of Operations
Bill McQueen Director of Finance
Franco Guarrella   Director of Regions
Laura Conn Director of Communications
Himanshu Jain Director of Outreach
Ciaran Smith Commercial Director  
Ian McAllister Director of Membership  
Jon Clay Past President  
Vacant Director of Volunteering  
Vacant Director of Professional Development  
Vacant Director of Technology  


Regional Chairs

Rob Rothwell Aberdeen & Surrounding Areas
Martin Twohig Edinburgh & Surrounding Areas
Ian Wotherspoon Glasgow & Surrounding Areas
Michel Thiry South East of England (Brighton)
Franco Guarrella South of England (Basingstoke)
Chris Wainwright South West England & Wales
Marco Bocci London & Surrounding Areas
Vacant Oxford & East of England
Shashin Ruparel Midlands
Dan Auld Yorkshire & Humber
Garry Pammant North West England
David Bewick North East England
Ariadna Grobério Northern Ireland



Irene Bayliss PMI UK Chapter Newsletter Editor

Support Staff

Sandra Newman PMI UK Chapter Support
Jodi Walker  PMI UK Chapter Support