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Toastmasters Club celebrates 1 year!

Are you 'Tired of Teams?', feeling 'Zoomed out?' or stuck on 'Mute?'

Clearly, as project professionals, we've all had to contend with new ways of working over the last couple of years. None more so than remote working and the more permanent move to the virtual world of communication. It's tough to master, energy draining and, increasingly, it's filling our 9 to 5, each and every working day. And, as anyone will tell you, it's nowhere near as effective as in-person, face-to-face, co-located working with everyone all together.

But, despite all this, there is some great news! You can make virtual working work for you, particularly for this 'new normal' which we now find ourselves in.

Communication, leadership and effective listening can all be mastered on-line too! It demands specific and unique skills, all of which are now available to you via the launch of our brand new PMI UK Chapter sponsored 'On-Line' Toastmasters Club, 'PMI UK ChangeMakers'. We're going to kick this off on Tuesday March 22nd, 2022, from 18:45 and you are all very welcome. Click on the QR code below for your exclusive and free invitation to this event.

We're so excited to play a proactive part in preparing you, our project management community in embracing the future of remote and virtual work, irrespective of which stage of your career you are at, either student, early career or fully fledged. The Toastmasters educational pathway programme experience will equip you with the confidence, tools and abilities to boost your career by giving you the opportunity to:

· Improve the skills most in demand by employers

· Overcome fear and build confidence in on-line presenting

· Polish leadership skills, all in a safe, secure and supportive environment

· Practice in 'thinking on your feet'

· Experience in running time-efficient meetings

· Sign-up for an inexpensive training and professional-development program

· Networking with peer professionals

· Regularly reinforce your learning (aka a 'mind gym')

· Earn valuable PDU's

On the evening, we'll have a special agenda and be joined by both PMI UK Chapter and Toastmaster members. Our special guest, friend of PMI and 2021 European Champion of Public Speaking will be Kyle Murtagh. Not only will Kyle set the bar for what you could achieve, he'll also share his story from a terrifying impromptu speaking experience, just 4 years ago, to now building 'confidence by design' and becoming a major player on the world speaking stage.

Interested? Then why not find out for yourself. Come and join us!

There will even be exciting incentives for those who sign up for Club Membership on the night, knowing that you'll become part of an exclusive club, the 'Charter Member'.

Also, we'll be on the look-out for the 'Magnificent Seven!'; the new Club Officers we'll need to get the Club fully Chartered, up and running. If you've previous experience at being a Committee Member for a Toastmasters Club, even a Mentor or Sponsor, we'd love to hear from you. There's even opportunities for people to take active roles at the event itself. For more information, please contact

Still fancy in-person or even Hybrid? No problem, your Chapter has got that covered too! Our established Club 'PMI UK Toastmasters' still regularly meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, and… very soon they'll be moving to a shiny new venue to embrace that full Hybrid experience. More exciting news to follow on this soon!

With PMI UK Chapter and Toastmasters International, you'll develop and master the key skills necessary for you to grow and become 'the difference that makes the difference' in your projects.

Look forward to seeing you all on March 22nd! Register for FREE now using the QR code above!

Nigel Smith

Director of Professional Development

PMI UK Chapter

 About the Author

Nigel is a practicing Project Manager at one of silicon valley's fastest growing private tech companies and a long-standing member of Toastmasters International, where he's currently an Area Director for the UK and Ireland District. He's passionate about providing opportunities where Members can become the very best version of themselves.

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